We, The Riders is a movement of motorcyclists for safe roads.


We, The Riders are motorcycle riders from around the world. We have different occupations and look different, but we share one thing in common: The joy of riding.

For us, riding is freedom. Blissfulness. Camaraderie. Generosity. Exploration. Sport. Necessity.

We, The Riders share one expertise: RIDING. We are ride experts. We know the roads, we know the routes. We know what’s safe, and what isn’t. What should be there, and what shouldn’t.

We, The Riders ride responsibly and make sure others do, too. We share the joy of riding with everyone, because we are everyone.


Video message from European Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, for the launch of We, The Riders.

2017 FIM Grand Prix World Championship – Austin (USA) Marc Márquez and Valentino Rossi, ambassadors of We, The Riders.

On and off the roads, we are invisible. Unseen.

We’re literally not seen by drivers. We’re invisible and forgotten by those who plan, build and maintain our roads and traffic infrastructures.

Every day, road traffic crashes claim nearly 3,500 lives and injure thousands more. 23% of all lives lost are those of our fellow riders.

Being invisible is unfair, but most of all – it’s dangerous. Road safety is a human right. We’re simply asking for ours. We, The Riders can’t be invisible any longer.

Join us.

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